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This BLOG chronicles my participation in the Compassionate Earth Walk, a spiritual pilgrimage in response to the Alberta Tar Sands and the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline. The pilgrimage begins with the Healing Walk at the tar sands and then follows a route from Hardisty, Alberta all the way to Steele City, Nebraska. Walking an average of twenty miles per day, the walk will take over 100 days. I will only be able to walk 20-30 days in total. I walk as a prayer for healing, within and without, and to confirm my commitment and care for the earth. The walk is an expression of non-violent direct action, atonement and sacred activism.
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Or support the walkers by sending funds to my GoFundMe site. All funds go directly towards food, camping fees, support van, etc.

The walk also fulfills a summer fieldwork requirement towards my doctoral degree in Depth Psychology/Ecopsychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Laura Whitney


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