Whoa. I am still shaking. That was really scary. Coming through customs in Edmonton I showed  my passport and the customs officer started asking the usual questions. “Are you here for work or pleasure?” “What do you do for work?” “Where are you going?” I was taken off guard and suddenly realized I did not know how much I should say and must have turned red or stammered or acted guilty. He told me to come into the immigration office. Then he got really tough and said, “You lie to me again and you will be getting on the next plane out of here, do you understand?” He began asking lots more questions and I told him the truth. “I am going to the Fort McMurray to participate in a prayer for the earth—a ceremony, not a protest.” “You mean like drum circles and sweat lodges and things like that?” I said, “Yes, something like that.” “We do not let people into our country to break the law, so you better not be planning on tying yourself to a tree or blocking  tractors or anything like that.” “Don’t worry!” I said, “I won’t! I have two kids at home.” Then he was on the internet looking me up and asking me all about my past. “You did childbirth photography?” “What was ‘The Feast in Dream Village’?” Doing a quick Google search now, I see he MUST have also seen my GoFundMe site and/or this blog. Then he took my phone and started going through my text messages looking for something incriminating. Luckily all he saw were a bunch of hearts and smiley faces! Eventually he decided I did not look too dangerous or threatening and let me go. Beware: In this computer age, everything you have ever said or done is available for view by anyone at anytime and can be used against you. I just got an email that someone is trying to hack into my gmail account. He is still after me! That’s scary. Thank goodness I am just here to pray.