I have not even left Ojai yet and the drama begins. Shodo called today to say that our support vehicle, a veggie oil psychedelic school bus, is stuck at the border in Shelby, Montana. The bus, the driver and indispensable veggie oil mechanic were stopped at immigration and barred entry. I believe Shodo is slightly relieved as the bus apparently breaks down just about every day and was testing her patience. She has rented a car and will meet me and the others in Edmonton tomorrow. From there we will figure out what to do next. My “go light” plans are totally out the window as now I am bringing a camp stove and cooking pots and all sorts of added gear. Shodo seems to be flowing with it but did admit to me that she has been very un-Buddhist—freaking out and losing her temper while the younger ones just chill and have fun throughout all the various long delays. This should be interesting. Trust, flow, be curious, laugh, trust, flow.

“Working Together”

We shape our self
to fit this world
and by the world
are shaped again.
The visible
and the invisible
working together
in common cause,
to produce
the miraculous.
I am thinking of the way
the intangible air
passed at speed
around a shaped wing
holds our weight.
So may we, in this life
to those elements
we have yet to see
or imagine,
and look for the true
shape of our own self,
by forming it well
to the great
intangibles about us.

By David Whyte