My Chinese Herbs

I have been in a dialogue within and without regarding divesting my ExxonMobil shares. I even dared to send an email to my extended family, informing of them of my situation and my desire to come clean. A cousin responded, “If you sell, they will just buy them back and sell them to someone else!” This got me thinking and I did a little research. I came across a really good website called GoFossilFree that has lots of information about divesting and even provides support and guidance for starting a divestment campaign at your school or organization. Check it out here.

And this morning I visited my CHinese doctor about my troublesome gallbladder. After two weeks of taking his powerful herbs my digestion is much better. He said my body is responding well and gave me a stronger formula. It’s all about cleansing the liver so it can digest and detoxify and clearing out stagnation. Ain’t that a coincidence!